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Arapahoe Peak PT Patient Testimonials

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“I received physical therapy from Dave S. from March 31- July 17, 2017 for chronic pain in my upper right arm stemming from back neck nerve pain. This caused sleep problems and weakening of my right arm. Dave treated the pain with strong therapy and prescribed exercises which I did at home.  HE carefully analyzed and confirmed my positions. I felt real progress.  He explained the anatomical reasons for the exercises. I learned so much in the process.  I have all the exercise print outs and continue to use them. The pain is gone and strength almost normal. He’s a terrific physical therapist.” — Janet W.

I began unable to do anything with my right leg.  Dave worked with me every week and I’m now able to do most activities.  The tibial plateau fracture and ACL ripping odd was intense but I expect to be running again soon.  I’ve had many sports injuries and Dave is by far the best PT I’ve ever had.” —Mary S.

“I feel that my stability and balance has improved. My pain level has decreased substantially, specifically at night; I am no longer waking up with pain. We have worked on strengthening my leg muscles and are starting to work on my hip strength, since my pain level is lower. I am able to stand and walk for longer periods of time. I am confident in the progress made so far.”–Kathryn M.

“Dave Savala, Appt, is fabulous.  On both my back this year and my total reverse shoulder replacement the prior year.  I would give my very highest recommendation to friends, family and others.”  —Eugene K.

“I have been very impressed with David at Arapahoe Peak Physical Therapy.  You know I was skeptical, but David was friendly and put me at ease on my first visit.  I was hurting and David tested my limitations without hurting me. He listened and developed a plan with my input, to help me.  I have made continued progress under David’s guidance and if (or probably when) I injure myself I would specifically ask for David and Arapahoe Peak Physical Therapy to do my physical therapy.”–Riley H.

“My shoulder is doing great! Dave is a very skilled and competent PT. We started with very light movement and progressed to light straight training. Dave pays attention to the patient’s reactions during the movements. I’m feeling a lot better as the days and weeks go on. For the most part, I don’t feel that I have a shoulder issue at all. Thanks!”–Jerry C.

“Dave is a miracle worker once again. I was in such pain when I started to see him. He zeroed in on the problems and systematically went to work. He carefully explains what he is doing during the session and gives pictures of the exercises, and makes sure I am doing them correctly. He adjusted my car seat and steering wheel, which made a major difference in pain levels. Thank goodness he works in Evergreen!”–Catherine B.

“I have been coming to Dave for PT for 8 sessions and now notice I have a lot more flexibility in my legs and hips, and the exercises have also helped me with problems I was having walking up flights of stairs and walking in general. My posture has also improved.”–Judith W.

“Increased mobility and flexion. Strength much improved. Still swollen. Stiff at times. Without physical therapy, I would not be as far along as I am. Exercises, physical manipulation, and electrical stimulation have all made recovery easier.”–Barbara D.

“I feel from surgery date, my range of motion is increasing with the help of therapy. Pain and soreness is going away slowly, but it is going away. The therapy is helping me get back to more of a normal state.”–Beverly F.

“Our physical therapist, Dave Savala, is a wonderful and genuine therapist. He looks at the entire person including the patient’s home life to give you a complete routine. We couldn’t be more pleased with Daniel’s results and the care we received here. If anyone needs therapy, Dave should be the first person they seek! Thank you so very much! (Also, he cares about your future health as well – after you leave! Can’t say enough about him!)”–Theresa, Daniel’s mom

“When first starting therapy, my ankle was in constant pain from my fall. Since I have had therapy, I am no longer feeling the pain, and the swelling has been reduced significantly. I am able to move my ankle in all directions with little or no pain. I feel steadier and stronger on my feet. The therapists were great to work with!”–Cindi C.

“I fell that I’m stronger in use of my left leg in general.  It’s been nice to be able to lift my knee up to cross over, etc. and not be super painful.  My flexibility has improved much more, and in my eyes, even more so prior to when my pain began.  Even though I still get pain intermittently it’s nice to have the knowledge and skills now to try and control it first with exercises, without resorting to medications immediately.”–Michelle S.

“At start of therapy left leg pain was medium to high and restricted activity.  Therapy sessions with Dave have mitigated pain and increased mobility.  Exercises prescribed by Dave resolve pain when exercise or activity results in “flare up”.  Dave is very good in explaining what exercises are meant to accomplish.  He spends time listening to me and helping me adjust program to best help overcome symptoms/issues.  I highly recommend Dave to Anyone I talk to about Physical Therapy.”–Steven S.

Bergen Park PT Patient Testimonials

“I have been in treatment for 13 visits, about 6 weeks. Initially stretching was painful and has improved gradually until a regimen + pt stretching and then core exercises has gradually improved my lower back pain until I can now walk a mile with only very mild discomfort, or almost no discomfort. I am now doing 50 minutes daily of stretching and core exercises (24 daily) and 45 minutes of water walking and exercises. For fitness I am also now able to do 30 minutes on an exercise bike so I am maintaining or regaining aerobic fitness. I couldn’t be more pleased at this point and feel that continued core strength will allow me to resume long distance walk/running.”–Marvin S.

“Progress with my knee following surgery for a torn meniscus has been fairly quick. Dave Savala has been an excellent physical therapist and has challenged me and given me great care. I feel like he has put me on the road toward a full recovery.”–Ken P.

“Water therapy is really helping me. It doesn’t hurt so much in the pool and when I get out my mobility is far
better. I love, love, love this therapy and will continue swimming and exercising in the pool after therapy is done.”
–Rita S.

“The pain that radiated from my hand through my wrist and up my arm was what brought me here. The exercises,
ultrasounds and massages have helped immensely. I no longer have any pain in the area. Isabelle has given me great exercises to continue with the strengthening of my arm. This exercise, with physical therapy, has been fantastic!”
–Dawn J.

“I habe been very pleased with the progress made in my physical therapy, though shoulders are very tough. This case is proceeding faser than with my right shoulder 4 years ago. I am also very pleased with the work and communication provided with Ms. Comina.”–Randy W.

“These therapy sessions have not only met, but have exceeded my expectations! Of course I have good days and bad ones- mostly “good ones”, and with water aerobics coming up, I am sure to be feeling even better. Isabelle is wonderful and has almost made this therapy fun and quite bearable!”–Debra F.

“12 weeks from surgery – am walking in some shoes. When I started physical therapy, I was in a walking boot on 2
crutches. I now am walking, driving a stick, and working. I still have inflammation and we are working to strengthen my foot and ankle and normalize my gait. I hope to ski soon.”–Heather N.

“I am doing so much better. No back pain. I will probably have some soreness due to the arthritis I have, but the
physical therapist has really done great work to get my back back to almost pain-free.”–Nancy F.

“I think this is the most amazing treatment that could have happened. When I started this I could not walk. We
started with regular therapy that began to not only build up some strength but also make me realize there was hope! When we began the pool therapy, I found being in the pool made my pain disappear for that time and allowed me to do things I never imagined I could do again. Getting in the vortex really brought back strength and my core started working again. I am going to continue the pool and vortex 2 times a week, hopefully forever.”
–Rita S.

“Isabelle did an excellent job developing a PT regimen for me which took me from the most basic exercises in the pool to P90X. She pushed me during my sessions, but I always looked forward to coming. I believe that her outstanding performance has left me in better overall shape than before my accident. I highly recommend Isabelle Comina to anyone needing a physical therapist in the Evergreen area.”–John O.

“The exercises given are working out well with minimal pain. Deep tissue massage is giving excellent results – no
more biceps tendon pain. Large knot in right trapesius is much smaller.”–Linda H.

“Isabelle was wonderful, patient-yet-persistent. She worked me hard to get full range of motion and extension in my “new” knee. I seemed to get all the right help I needed to get great results with my knee.”–Janice M.

“I am extremely pleased with the progress and progress rate in P.T..  The Therapist is very attentive and encourages my progress while tempering my sometimes excessive expectations. The therapist has listed to my goals for post treatment activities and has designed therapy to address my physical hobbies and goals.”–Al G.